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Anika Noni Rose

Last Saturday I was honored by Bronzelens in a lovely ceremony in Atlanta. I know I've posted about it already, but I want to spend a lil time on this gown! My designer friend Shari Henry built this for me in two days. She drove hours to measure me, and bring me swatches in the Pantone peach i was hoping for, and more hours to bring this peach confection to me on time. l've been watching her build her brand for some time, and it made me so happy to be able to be this small part of her fashion journey. She is kind and smart, and creative and giving, and gifted. This creation couldn't have given me more joy! I have more pics coming, but rehearsal has had me in a stronghold. Thank you, my sweet friend, for making me your priority!

Simone K.

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect gown for my special day! Shari Henry's attention to detail and craftsmanship exceeded my expectations. From the initial consultation to the final fitting, the process was seamless and personalized. The gown fit like a dream and made me feel like royalty. Thank you, Shari Henry, for creating a masterpiece that made my special day unforgettable!

J. Smith

As someone who values both style and fit, I am incredibly impressed with the custom suit I received from Shari Henry. The quality of the fabric and the precision in tailoring are unmatched. Every detail, from the stitching to the choice of buttons, reflects true craftsmanship. The suit not only fits perfectly but also makes a statement wherever I wear it. I highly recommend Shari Henry for anyone looking to invest in a suit that blends elegance with personal style. It's worth every penny!

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