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Shari Henry modeling embroidered gold lace coverup


Graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology amidst academic challenges, Shari persevered, turning her hardships into stepping stones toward greatness. Her self-titled brand, "Shari Henry," was unveiled during the illustrious New York Fashion Week in 2018, where the runway became her canvas, showcasing a unique style honed through years of dedication. Beyond the glitz of fashion, Shari's path took an unexpected turn when she became the personal assistant and stylist to the legendary Cicely Tyson, making appearances on iconic shows and movies. Yet, Shari's commitment extends beyond the glamour, as she channels her passion into meaningful initiatives, from crafting handmade PPE during the pandemic to empowering mom entrepreneurs. With a rich family history steeped in creativity and design, Shari draws inspiration from her roots, infusing tradition with innovation in each collection. As she prepares to launch her Spring/Summer 2024 line, Shari Henry invites the world to witness a season of rebirth, celebrating faith, growth, and the enduring spirit of moving forward against all odds.


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