The Story of SHARI HENRY

At the age of 12, I came across what would soon become my passion; a sewing machine. To skillfully create something from concept was a hobby of both my parents, and my grandmother’s profession. So it was natural that I’d follow suit. Since my introduction, I’ve grown to better understand fashion as an ever changing work of art. The way we dress ourselves is a form of self expression and should proudly answer the question: What statement will you make today? 


That’s where I come in. As a fashion designer, I have the ability to recognize the impact fashion has, and in-turn provoke feelings and emotions in others. I aim to create versatile clothing that revives the imagination of fashion for all men and women. Many of the fashionable wardrobes I offer embrace an individuals uniqueness and can be combined to further create a bold statement. I believe that creative clothing can spark the ambition of individuals in a diversified society. Through my encounters with various walks of life, I’ve found the common hope to be for clothing to exude both confidence and personality. 


My most recent collection- ROUGE is inspired by the timeless and iconic glamour of Old Hollywood. It is meant to highlight the wearers’ individuality and power while emphasizing ones’ figure. Each piece was exclusively designed for those not afraid to be the center of attention as they capture any room they enter this, and any season. The photoshoot for this collection took place at the luxurious, and exclusive restaurant La Vie, located at the Wharf in Southwest Washington, DC. 


With a core understanding of fashion learned while at Fashion Institute of Technology, I’ve since worked on numerous collections and created standout pieces. I’m currently working on my 3rd collection titled “Agua.” A collection inspired by water and its effortless drape. 

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